Thursday, June 9, 2011

Joining the ranks of the Unemployed

Joining the ranks of the unemployed was financially devastating and when the unemployment income was exhausted the situation worsened. I hit an emotional low. With no job in sight I was literally pulling my hair out.

The rent and monthly bills continued to pour in. Then there was food to buy. When I had to give up the Xterra, the only form of transportation I had, I found myself up that proverbial creek without a paddle. I spent countless nights tossing in bed while worry after worry ran through my head. I needed to do something; just what I was not sure.

I am one of the fortunate ones. My children came to the rescue. Even my oldest grandsons pitched in to help. When I objected to my family’s helping with the finances they unanimously agreed, “You’ve spent your whole life taking care of us. Now it is time for us to take care of you.” Nonetheless fear and guilt haunted me wherever I went.

At the heart of all of this worry and guilt was an unshakable fear that after all of those years of struggling to keep my family together, I had failed miserably.

 After much soul searching I realized that I am not a failure. Bad things do indeed happen to good people. With this in mind I began to rethink my career goals making a mental list of my talents and interests.

I had taken a creative writing course during my senior year of high school. The first story I turned in had caught my creative writing teacher’s eye. He took me aside to encourage me to keep writing. He told me the story was publishable just as I had written it. Mr. Bennett believed I had talent and could be a successful writer if I applied myself. With that in mind I settled on writing.

My first Children’s book entitled Dominic Ties His Shoes, published by Tate Publishing, was released at the end of March 2011.

I have written another children’s book that I will be turning in to the publisher soon. I’m also working on two young adult books both of which are in the Adventure / Sci-Fi genre.

I encourage those of you who find yourself in the same boat that I am to follow your dream. It won’t be easy. In fact it will be quite hard. But if you trust in yourself and work hard you will succeed.

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